Sunday, May 1, 2011

Full Tilt Poker issues First US refund: President Obama

AP News Wire - WASHINGTON DC. Recent documents released by the Department of Justice on April 29th chronicle the first refunds from the "big three" online poker sites.  The statements, issued by Full Tilt Poker, Pokerstars, and Absolute Poker have a "Who's Who" of American politics and celebrity.

The very first refund issued by Full Tilt poker was in the amount of $41.22 made out to "Barack Obama" followed by senior officers of the FBI, two higher ups at the DOJ and famous Hollywood personalities such as David Arquette and Jason Alexander.  The check issued to Ray Romano was the largest check issued in the amount of $322,740.00.

Representatives of the Department of Justice are quoted anonymously as saying, "We are satisfied that the funds owned by US citizens are being returned to the owners of these accounts." A representative of Absolute poker reports, "We are proving to gamers worldwide that your money is safe with Absolute poker. Only after every dime of US funds are returned to the rightful owners will Absolute feel comfortable taking deposits from novices and professionals from all countries."

When asked why only government officials, multimillionaires and celebrities were on the initial list Barry Totener, PokerStars director of finance, said, "The amount and order of the releasing the funds to American citizens has been processed in a somewhat random order.  We are promoting goodwill towards Poker and looking forward to our gaming site becoming legal in the United States.  It's good for the game, good for players, and even better for non-gamers who will benefit soon from extra tax revenue." With no indication anywhere else that gaming will be legal anytime soon critics of Totener insist he is trying to bribe officials into respecting the gaming sites. (By: Richard Roundtree for AP)


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